Russia to Launch About 300 Civil Satellites

Russia is going to launch about 300 civil spacecraft by 2030 to provide global communications and the Internet of things, as stated in the presentation by the First Deputy General Director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Space Communications, Alexander Ganin, presented at the International Navigation Forum in Moscow, TASS reports. 

Picture: Russian Ministry of Digital Development Official Website

It is planned that in the period of 2021-2029 in the Russian Federation will be created and launched into orbits up to 290 new civil satellites to provide global communications, broadcasting, broadband access (BBA), and IoT (Internet of Things). Thus, the total capacity of the Russian satellite communications and broadcasting infrastructure will amount to more than 430 Gbps by 2030.

In particular, 10 spacecraft of the AMU, AT, and E series will be launched into geostationary orbit until 2030. Four Express-RV satellites will be launched into high-elliptic orbit in 2024. Also, 12 spacecraft of the “Skif” system will be launched into middle earth orbit (in 2022, 2024, 2026, and 2029). In addition, it is expected that 264 satellites of the Marathon system will be in low-earth orbit by 2030.

Ru-Main, 15.06.2021 

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