Russia to Launch World’s Heaviest Transport Helicopter Mass Production

The permission for the mass production of the world’s heaviest Mi-26T2V military transport helicopter will be obtained by the yearend, according to the CEO of the Russian Helicopters manufacturing company Andrei Boginsky.  

Picture: TopWar

“We are now at the final stage of getting the O1 designation for the helicopter’s baseline configuration and there are a few flights remaining to wrap up the Mi-26T2V’s flight tests. We expect to perform these flights by the end of the year and get the O1 code. We have already delivered the first batches of the Mi-26T2V helicopter to the Russian troops,” Boginsky said.

As reminded, the Mi-26T2V is a heavy large-fuselage military transport helicopter with a lifting capacity of 20 tonnes. The rotorcraft is outfitted with an integrated NPK90-2V avionics suite that provides for its operation day and night to fly in an automatic control mode, reach a preset point and perform approach manoeuvres. It is also specified that the upgraded helicopter has a crew of five.

Ru-Main, 23.11.2021
Source: TASS 

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