Russia to Make Dialogue Instead of Sending Troops to Afghanistan 

Russia has no intention of deploying troops to Afghanistan or stepping up its military presence in the region in response to the Taliban’s takeover of the country, according to the deputy head of the country’s Foreign Ministry Alexander Pankin. The diplomat stated, there is currently no need to “escalate to demonstrate force”. However, Pankin noted, “radical measures” could be considered if, “God forbid, the need for them arises”, RT reports.   

Picture: RIA Novosti

The Secretary of Russia’s Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev, said that the country will not be deploying forces to Afghanistan. Instead of this, “the country will work with partners” and “emphasize primarily political and diplomatic efforts [… to] peacefully resolve problems”.

It is noted that Moscow’s diplomats have made contact with militants in Kabul as part of efforts to secure its embassy which, unlike those of countries like the US and UK, has not been relocated to the airport. Russian Ambassador to Afghanistan, Dmitry Zhirnov, said this week that the Taliban members had assured him “nobody would be allowed to touch a single hair on [the head of] Russian staff”.

Ru-Main, 19.08.2021 

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