Tensions are Growing on Russian-Finnish Border

Yesterday, on July 28, the EU Commission banned Finland from refusing to issue visas to Russians. However, now the customs has tightened the rules for the carriage of foreign currency and goods. From Finland, it is now impossible to export goods more expensive than 300 euros per piece, equipment over 750 euros, and food over 5 kilograms. Also, the ban was imposed on the export of car parts, fuel, and alcohol.

The leading parties of the country still insist on stopping the issuance of visas. Although, Finland is now 10 times more likely to refuse to issue visas than before. The Russian correspondent noted that, judging by the headlines of the daily free newspapers, this is a reason for Finns “to be proud.”

Picture: Finnish newspaper says, “Finland should not be a trading paradise and a transit country for Russians.”

The author of the article and his speakers urge following the example of the Baltic neighbors and at least refuse to issue visas to Russians. Propaganda gives results, especially in the north of the country, as the RenTV correspondent emphasized.

“I just went to the store, said hello, and there was a Ukrainian woman working there, a saleswoman. She even pointed her finger at my mother and said to everyone: look, this is Russian, this is Russian, they are fascists,” Daria Skippari–Smirnov said.

Another woman who spoke Russian in a cafe was kicked out by a local resident, threatening her with murder. She tried to calm him down in Finnish and explain that she had been living in Finland for 30 years, but it didn’t help.

Moreover, the police of the Imatra border town have already received several complaints from Russians who had their cars damaged. However, instead of dealing with one issue, Finns make the situation even worse: starting from the next week, the Ukrainian anthem will sound in Imatra at the ceremonial discharge of water, the main attraction of the town.

Picture: Imatra waterfall; Openarium

“In Imatra, for example, anti-Russian agendas and all sorts of anti-Russian stickers are being distributed. Outraged Finns write in Helsinki groups that expensive Russian cars that have flooded the Helsinki hub of a large airport should be broken,” said Finnish journalist Kosti Heiskanen.

After the borders were opened, even though shopping tours from St. Petersburg to Finland became daily, Russian bus drivers do not want to go there. According to them, cars with Ukrainian flags and the anthem of Ukraine are increasingly appearing at Russian bus stops.

Hysteria is growing in neutral Finland that is not so neutral anymore. Even the peace monument in Helsinki has become a victim of Russophobia – it will be demolished soon.

Picture: World Peace monument changed to “World Rage” and is about to be demolished.

And all this happens because it was made by a Russian architect and donated to Helsinki by the Moscow City Hall.

Ru-Main, 29.07.2022 

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