Russia to Tighten Penalties for Drunk Driving

Due to the fault of drunk drivers, 13,800 accidents happened on Russian roads in 2020 (the results of this year have not been announced yet) and 3,600 people died in them. And even though the overall death rate on the roads is decreasing, it is drunk drivers who cause concern in the government – almost 270 thousand drivers were brought to administrative responsibility for driving while intoxicated.   

Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Marat Khusnullin, at a meeting of the government commission on road safety, gave an order to submit proposals on the introduction of criminal liability for intoxicated drivers by November 1, 2021 (as specified, it was referred to the punishment applied when a certain level of alcohol in a body is reached – 0.16 ppm).

“We cannot lose as many people on the roads as during military operations. What I see is a comprehensive effort, both the Ministry of Internal Affairs and road workers are generally working better. These are complex measures, and it is necessary, of course, to develop an air ambulance, to provide assistance to people in the first hour after an accident. We need to work in all directions, in all vectors,” the country’s President, Vladimir Putin, instructed the responsible officials.

Not only criminal punishment but even life imprisonment, according to some State Duma deputies should be applied to those who cause road accidents while being intoxicated. In their opinion, for malicious violators who regularly get drunk before driving, there should be not only a criminal term but also a restriction (a ban) on driving a vehicle.

“At least with regard to some drivers, they should definitely be deprived of their driving license for a lifetime, because there are drivers who do not learn in principle, are malicious violators and there should be some kind of mechanism for depriving malicious violators of their rights forever,” the Deputy of the State Duma, Yevgeny Fedorov, advised.

The goal set for the officials is not only to prohibit a drunk driver from driving a car in the future but also to deprive him of the opportunity to take the helm of an aeroplane or a boat as well.

“Now drunk drivers face a prison sentence only if they repeat the violation. If amendments to the Criminal Code are adopted, a drunk driver will immediately become a criminal. For many relatives of victims who died in an accident caused by drunk drivers, this is the only adequate punishment for such drivers,” a Member of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Construction of the Federation Council of Russia, Alexander Bashkin, stated.

Ru-Main, 13.10.2021
Source: Vesti

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