Russia to Use Artificial Intelligence for Foreign Policy Analysis

The Russian Foreign Ministry is working on a system that will use artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze arrays of data related to foreign policy. Such systems can be used for screening visa applications and communicating with citizens.  

A conceptual project of a big data analysis system using AI in relation to foreign policy activities is planned to be developed by the Russian Foreign Ministry next year, according to the special representative of the Russian Foreign Minister for digital transformation Sergey Kiryushin. It is assumed that the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) will participate in the development. In particular, it is expected that students and young teachers of the institute will help in setting up and teaching artificial intelligence.

In the spring of this year, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already approved the digital transformation programme, according to which in 2021-2023 the Ministry plans to spend 2.3 billion rubles to improve the reliability and security of information systems, their technological independence from foreign products, as well as to increase the satisfaction of Russian citizens with the digital services of the department. It was also noted in the document that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs plans to develop a system “to support foreign economic activity using AI” if additional funding can be found.

According to the Senior Expert at the Centre for Advanced Management Solutions, Oleg Shakirov, an example of more advanced use of such systems is the development by the British Department for International Development of a model for estimating population distribution based on the analysis of satellite images using machine vision. Besides, the British Foreign Ministry has also developed a solution that helps to check the presence of sensitive information in documents before their publication.

As in other areas, the creation of systems using artificial intelligence can help automate routine tasks and enable people to focus on those issues where expertise is needed more. In addition, an intelligent system could provide new opportunities for analyzing large amounts of information.

Ru-Main, 15.12.2021 
Source: RBC 

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