Russia Took 1st Place at ‘Safe Route’ Military Competition

The Russian team of specialists of the engineering troops won the competition “Safe Route”, which ended on August 29 at the Andreevsky training ground in the Tyumen region, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defence reports. 

It is specified that the teams of Russia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, and Belarus, which showed the best time during the semifinal races, took part in the final competition. The Russian team overcame the track in 39 minutes and 36 seconds, setting a new world record for passing the obstacle route (“Safe Route”). The second place was taken by the team from Uzbekistan, and the third, by the team of Vietnam. In total, there were 8 participating teams: Russia, Belarus, Vietnam, Egypt, India, Venezuela, Uzbekistan, and Laos.

During the competition, the participants on the route with a length of up to 3 thousand metres provided a “safe route”, that is, they dismantled the forest blockage using the IMR-3 irritation machines and BAT-2 track-laying machines, equipped crossings over obstacles and brought a 40-metre crossing with the help of a set of heavy mechanized TMM bridge. An additional test was throwing small infantry shovels from the barrier line and overcoming a web of barbed wire.

More news about the competition can be found on the official Twitter Page of the Russian Ministry of Defence.

Ru-Main, 30.08.2021, Pictures: Russian Ministry of Defence Website  

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