Russia to Create Long-Range Hypersonic Missile

Russia is developing the latest X-95 long-range hypersonic missile, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Head of the Military Academy of the General Staff, Colonel-General Vladimir Zarudnitsky.  

Picture: Vechernyaya Moskva

According to Zarudnitsky, dominance in the aerospace sphere is the most important condition for the successful conduct of military operations, and it can be ensured through the effective use of strike and fighter aircraft.

“For these purposes, for the Aerospace Forces, new and modernized models of weapons, military and special equipment are being developed and adopted, such as the Tu-160M ​​strategic missile carrier-bomber; the Kinzhal aviation hypersonic missile system; long-range high-precision airborne weapons, in particular, the X-95 hypersonic missile,” Zarudnitsky specified.

In addition, according to the head, unmanned aerial vehicles, over-the-horizon detection radars, anti-aircraft missile systems, and other newest military equipment are being created in Russia. So, in February of this year, the Russian Defence Minister, Sergei Shoigu, said that hypersonic systems of various bases would become the basis of Russian non-nuclear deterrent forces.

In turn, according to a source of RIA Novosti in the Russian Military-Industrial Complex, a new hypersonic missile is being developed for Tu-22M3M and Tu-160M ​​bombers, as well as for the Advanced Long-Range Aviation Complex. In addition, intra-fuselage hypersonic missiles are being developed for the fifth generation Su-57 fighter. Currently, the troops are on experimental combat duty aircraft complexes with hypersonic Kinzhal missiles that reached a speed of Mach 10 during tests.

Ru-Main, 04.08.2021 

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