Russian Advertising Managers Dream of Own Business

The opportunity to open a business is considered by 38 per cent of Russians, most of whom work as advertising managers, marketers, and sales managers, according to the SuperJob job search service. On the contrary, 42 per cent of Russians do not consider the possibility of entrepreneurship, explaining this by the instability of the economy, the lack of start-up capital and necessary personal and professional qualities.  

The experts specified that respondents aged 25 to 34 (46 per cent), as well as those interviewed with an income of 80 thousand rubles a month or more (45 per cent) most often think about their own business. The least likely to consider the opportunity to open a business are those surveyed over 45 years old (24 per cent) and those whose income is less than 30 thousand rubles a month (35 per cent). Also, men think about starting their own business more often than women (43 per cent versus 32 per cent).

Among the representatives of the most popular fields of activity, the most potential entrepreneurs are among advertising managers (62 per cent), marketers (58 per cent), sales managers (52 per cent), designers (47 per cent), and PR managers (46 per cent), while estimators (24 per cent), accountants (26 per cent), journalists and translators (33 per cent each) are willing to open own business the least.

Ru-Main, 18.05.2021 

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