Russian Analysts Told How Coronavirus Influenced Consumption Patterns

A specialized aggregator Catery has launched the delivery of corporate meals. About 20 companies from Moscow and the Moscow region have already joined the work, including well-known chain cafes. There is also a competition on the market, since large restaurants, food delivery services, as well as owners of vending machines are interested in this segment, Radio1 reported. 

The Head of the Department for the Development of the Bahetle home-food supermarket chain, Andrei Volokhov, emphasized that against the background of the crisis, among other things, the consumption structure is changing. It is specified that the demand for cooking has grown significantly, so people prefer to take ready-made meals.

“Here you need to look into the psychographics of a consumer. City dwellers do not have the opportunity to cook for themselves often, well, and with pleasure. They strive to minimize costs inside their homes. Yes, there are large families with their own traditions and customs, but this is rather an exception,” the expert said.

Cookery is convenient to order groceries, which have a lower cost and higher margins. This forces consumers to eat whatever is more convenient. It is noted that the companies that choose a narrower line spend about the same money on setting up a production line as companies with a wider and more traditional assortment.

Ru-Main, 27.07.2020

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