Russian Artist Created Google Doodle for Russia Day

The Doodle illustrated by the guest artist, Olesya Shchukina, symbolizes historical customs, such as the playing of the country’s many traditional folk instruments, as people living in Russia are of varied cultures and ethnicities.  

День России – 2020
Picture: Google Official Web-Page

“I decided to think about all the people who live in Russia. I wanted to find a way to show its unity and diversity at the same time. So one of my ideas was to put together very different characters and make them dance and play music using traditional music instruments. In other words, having fun together,” Olesya said.

The artist said that she looked at many pictures of different musical instruments as well as traditional costumes, not only Russian ones but also Yakuts, Tuvans, Tatars, etc. She noted that her aim was to make people think about how different Russians are, both by appearance and cultural background, and to see this as a huge advantage.

Ru-Main, 12.06.2020

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