Russian Athlete Won Gold in 100 m Breaststroke Swimming at Paralympics

Russian athlete, Dmitry Chernyaev, took gold at the Summer Paralympic Games in Tokyo winning the final swim in the 100 m breaststroke, Izvestia reports.  

Picture: AfishaDaily

According to the rules, in this competition, athletes compete in the SB4 category among people who have coordination problems affecting all four limbs, or they can move their arms, but their torso or legs do not work.

It is specified that Chernyaev showed a result of 1 minute 31.96 seconds setting a new world record. The second place was taken by Colombian Moises Fuentes Garcia (1.35, 86), and the third was the Greek Antonios Tsapatakis (1.40, 20). Another Russian, Alexander Malkov, finished fourth (1.41, 27).

Ru-Main, 31.08.2021 

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