Russian Athletes Resumed Individual Training

Russian gymnasts began to train in the Olympic Centre ‘Round Lake’. It is noted that athletes undergo 3-day quarantine constant monitoring by doctors first, and only then can train, in masks and gloves, reports. 

It is stated that athletes across the country resume training. In Kazan, for example, swimmers, weightlifters, synchronized athletes, and ping-pong masters have already begun training.

“Tables are at a distance from each other. Each of us sits at a separate table, no one contacts anyone. Regarding the gym: there is processing after each training session,” said Nikita Nagorny, a three-time world champion in gymnastics.

What is also important for the complete removal of the restrictions associated with the spread of new coronavirus infection, each athlete has a personal training schedule, group exercises are still excluded.

Ru-Main, 02.06.2020 

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