Russian Authorities Announced Day Off on December 31

In 2021, December 31 in Russia will be a day off, according to the decree of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Mishustin, published on the official website of the Cabinet of Ministers. 

It is specified that in the new year of 2021, January 2 and January 3 fall on Saturday and Sunday. Since these are non-working holidays, it was decided to postpone them to Friday, November 5, and Friday, December 31, respectively. This means that people will have additional days off in November 2020.

Russians will also have seven holiday periods over the next year. First of all, they will rest for 10 days from January 1 to January 10, then 3 days from February 21 to February 23, after which they will also rest for 3 days from March 6 to March 8. From June 12 to June 14, the country will again stop work and have some rest. Finally, Russians will stay at home from November 4 to November 7.

Ru-Main, 16.10.2020 

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