Russian Authorities Proposed to Ban Wood Export

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed to ban the export of wood and products to “unfriendly countries”, including the US and the EU, by the end of the year.  

Earlier, the Russian government signed an order with a list of states whose unfriendly actions are directed against the country, its companies and citizens. The list includes the USA, Canada, and the EU countries, as well as the UK with its territories.

Ukraine, Montenegro, Switzerland, Albania, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, North Macedonia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Micronesia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Taiwan are also in the list.

“Birch balances (the main raw materials for paper production) and fuel chips, which are banned, are critically important goods for the European Union,” the Ministry commented.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade indicated that Russian manufacturers account for 10 to 15 percent of Finland’s consumption of these goods. The ministry is confident that the country will not be able to quickly replace such supplies.

Also, the ban on the export of plywood ridge (raw materials for the production of plywood) against the background of EU anti-dumping duties on finished plywood from Russia will not allow European manufacturers to increase the capacity of their own enterprises at the expense of Russian raw materials.

“This will guarantee to meet the needs of the domestic market for affordable raw materials, as well as stimulate a further increase in the depth of wood processing in the country,” the Ministry concluded.

Ru-Main, 10.03.2022 

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