Russian Auto Tourism Development Shows Rapid Growth

The culture of auto travel, popular in European countries, is now rapidly developing in Russia. This was facilitated by prolonged self-isolation, reduced income, and the fear of catching the virus travelling by public transport, RG reported. 

“Moving in your own car and stopping to rest in selected places, it is easier for a tourist to provide social distance. In the case of motorhomes, a traveller carries with him everything he needs for food, lodging, and comfortable rest,” the Vice President of the National Union of the Hospitality Industry, Aleksei Volkov, said.

It is noted that travelling by car for 3 or 4 people is on average 30-40% cheaper than travelling by public transport. For example, a usual vacation in Anapa in August, according to the expert, for 2 adults and a child in a 3-star hotel will cost 80,000 rubles. By car, it will amount to 54,000 rubles and an additional variety of hotels and cafes.

It is also specified that people travelling by car contribute as much to the economy as regular tourists. They pay for petrol, gas, motels, campsites, food, souvenirs, museums, and national parks. Thus, such travellers stimulate business development of cafes, souvenir shops, and mini markets in parking areas.

Ru-Main, 24.07.2020

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