Russian Bank Calculated First “Green Bonds” Eco-Effect

The first bank “green” bonds in Russia, issued by Center-Invest Bank a year ago, were redeemed on the Moscow Exchange, 1rnd reports. The environmental impact of the first green release is equal to a 4.6 thousand tonnes reduction in annual CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to planting 187,000 trees.     

It is specified that 36 energy-efficient projects were financed using funds raised as part of the placement of the 250 million rubles issue (83 per cent of them are in agriculture and 17 per cent in manufacturing). It is stated that the average loan amount was 7.1 million rubles, accrding to the official report.

It is noted that the Center-Invest Bank became the first financial institution in Russia to register its issue of eco-bonds for the population in the “green section” of the Moscow Exchange. The bank has been building its green loan portfolio since 2005 and has been providing loans to businesses and retail clients for more than 15 years for the implementation of modern energy-saving technologies.

The total volume of investments as of 01.11.2020 exceeded 18.5 billion rubles (24,700 projects). The environmental effect of the bank’s loans amounts to an annual reduction of more than 200 thousand tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Ru-Main, 30.11.2020 

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