Russian Biathletes Won Silver in Christmas Race

Russian biathletes won silver in the Christmas Race in Ruhpolding, Germany. The Russian team consisted of Matvey Eliseev and Evgenia Burtasova. They lost 56.8 seconds to the Austrians Lisa Theresa Hauser and Felix Leitner, who covered the distance in 32 minutes and 15.5 seconds. The bronze medal was taken by the representatives of the Czech Republic, Marketa Davidova and Michal Krcmar (59.7 seconds behind the leaders).  

Picture: SportKP

In total, ten teams from nine countries took part in the competition in 2021. Last year Eliseev and Burtasova won the Christmas Race. It is noted that this time during the race, the judges stopped Burtasova for 14 seconds when passing the baton. The organizers explained that due to a chronograph malfunction, the Russians started earlier than the scheduled time.

Ru-Main, 29.12.2021
Source: Lenta 

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