Russian Biologist Named Most Dangerous Food Additives E-Numbers

The Head of the Food Chemistry Laboratory of the Federal Food, Nutrition, and Biotechnology Centre, Vladimir Bessonov, told Russian specialists on Consumer Rights Protection (Roskachestvo) about the most dangerous E-numbers in Russian products.

The E-numbers are prohibited by law if they can be potentially dangerous to human health. According to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, additives such as E103 alkanite (dye), E121 citrus red 2 (dye), E123 red amaranth (dye), E128 red 2G (dye), E216 para-hydroxybenzoic acid propyl ether (preservative), E217 para-hydroxybenzoic acid propyl ether sodium salt (preservative), E240 formaldehyde (preservative). It is noted that the import of these additives into Russia and the sale of products with them is prohibited.

Ru-Main, 19.05.2020

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