Russian Blogger Supports Anti-Coronavirus Campaign With Songs [Video]

A blogger, Johnny Z, posted videos on his YouTube channel, which are covers on the well-known Russian songs. He changed the texts to a self-isolation issue and called his songs the musical series “Anticorona”.

He changed the song of Vladimir Vysotsky “Morning Gymnastics” and told how people wake up at 10 am, eat dinner, and sit down to work. He wrote the lines “A meeting on Skype, a chat in the Telegram, the colleagues are the same sleepy”, and the director is talking with them “in the most expensive pyjamas for subordination”.

The musician also made the cover of the songs of the Splean and the Kino music groups. The artist warns that it is important to observe quarantine and not leave home. The Internet users called his songs “the creativity of those locked in apartments”.

Ru-Main, 01.04.2020

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