Russian Cartoon Took Second Place on Netflix

The Russian animated film “Secret Magic Control Agency”, directed by Aleksey Tsitsilin based on the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm, took second place in the United States and the world in the first weekend after its release on Netflix online platform and even became a leader in some countries, TASS reports with reference to the Roskino press service. 

Picture: Russian Films Portal

It is specified that the adventure comedy cartoon “Secret Magic Control Agency” was filmed by Wizart Animation studio and CTB film company, with the participation of foreign experts in creating the script. It is noted that the picture was released on Netflix on March 25, 2021. The cartoon took second place in term of views in the world and the United States at the end of the first weekend. In Brazil, France, Greece, and Scandinavian countries, it even came out on top.

According to Roskino CEO, Evgenia Markova, Russian content, in general, has become very popular on international online services. Over the past two years, several Russian projects of various genres have appeared in the Netflix lineup. Among them are the series “Better Than Us” and “To the Lake”, the historical melodrama “The Silver Skates” (these projects are in the Netflix Originals category).

Ru-Main, 31.03.2021 

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