Russian Chess Players Won International Online Competition

The second online chess Olympiad ended with an unconditional victory of the Russian national team. In the final held on Wednesday, the Russian team did not leave any chances to the rivals from the United States, TASS reported.  

It is noted that the Russian national team won both match meetings with a score of 3.5:2.5. Vladislav Artemyev and Alexandra Goryachkina won the first games, Alexandra Kostenyuk, Polina Shuvalova, and Daniil Dubov played a draw, Andrey Esipenko was defeated. In the second game, Kostenyuk and Leya Garifullina won, Dubov, Artemyev, and Ekaterina Lagno played a draw, and Esipenko lost.

“I congratulate everyone on a great victory. It’s nice to bring gold to our country, we are proud of the guys, the coaches who did it. At the first Olympiad, we shared the first place with the Indian team, here we also won pure gold, while during the tournament we beat the Chinese, the Americans, strong teams,” the President of the Chess Federation of Russia, Andrey Filatov, said.

It is noted that the games at the online chess Olympiad were held with a time control of 15 minutes with the addition of 5 seconds for each move. In total, 40 teams took part in the tournament, divided into 4 groups at the preliminary stage.

In the first round, the Russians beat the Ukrainian team (4.5:1.5), in the second they defeated the German team (6:0), in the third, the Czechs (5:1), in the fourth, the Paraguayans (4.5:1.5), in the fifth, the Israelis (5:1), in the sixth, the Argentines (6:0), in the seventh, the Italians (5:1), in the eighth, the Spaniards (4:2), and in the ninth, the Latvians (6:0). In the quarterfinal match against the Hungarian team, the Russian national team won two match meetings with the same score of 3.5:2.5.

“It seems to me that it is harder to confirm success than to win for the first time. Although the first victory was not easy for us,” the captain of the Russian national team, Alexander Motylev, said calling the victory ‘a unique achievement’.

Ru-Main, 16.09.2021 

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