Russian Civil Servants Passed Digital Competence Test

Experts from the NAFI analytical centre conducted a study the results of which showed that 48 per cent of civil servants in Russia have an advanced level of digital literacy, 49 per cent have a basic level, and only 3 per cent have poor computer skills.  

It is specified that the Digital Literacy Index of Russian civil servants who have been tested by the specialists averages 73 pp. out of 100, which corresponds to an advanced level of digital competence. In particular, the digital competencies of male civil servants are higher than that of women (76 pp and 72 pp, respectively). Higher than other were the indicators of employees of state institutions aged 26-35 years, as well as of people living in Moscow and St. Petersburg (75 pp versus 73 pp in the country on average).

Moreover, the experts have found out that the level of digital literacy of civil servants differs depending on the position held. Thus, for senior managers or heads of departments, it is 75 pp, for qualified specialists, 73 pp, and for technical personnel, 71 pp. It also turned out that the most easily civil servants cope with searching for information on the Internet and assessing the reliability of messages on the Internet (77 pp). In addition, the respondents have developed communication skills on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

Ru-Main, 18.06.2021 

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