Russian Companies to Increase Salaries After Self-Isolation Cancellation

According to the results of the survey provided by Rambler and, every 10th Russian company plans to increase salaries for employees in 2020, TASS reports. It is also noted that 41 per cent of employers are going to keep bonuses for employees. 

The study showed that 44 per cent of workers hope to maintain their previous earnings after self-isolation is over, 49 per cent of respondents expressed confidence that revenues will fall, 5 per cent of employees believe in wage growth, and 2 per cent of respondents intend to find a side job.

The experts noted that 70 per cent of employed citizens would like to continue working in their previous speciality, 20 per cent is not going to work at all, 8 per cent want to learn new skills in order to change their profession, and 2 per cent have already managed to learn it and are going to change their occupation right after the cancellation of self-isolation.

Ru-Main, 03.06.2020

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