Russian Company Completed Work on American Film 

The Russian film company Hype Film together with Rumble Films, Mosaic Films, and Charade completed the shooting of the film “Sanctuary” in New York with Margaret Qualley and Christopher Abbott in the main roles. 

Picture: AfishaDaily

It is noted that the shooting of the film directed by Zach Wigon (“The Heart Machine”) was finished in New York. The main roles in the new international project are played by Margaret Qualley (“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, “Fosse/Verdon”) and Christopher Abbott (“Possessor“, “Black Bear”).

The author of the script was Micah Bloomberg, the co-author of the script for the TV series “Homecoming”. Also, as part of the producers of the film are David Lancaster and Stephanie Wilcox, as well as Ilya Stewart from Hype Film and Pavel Burian from Mosaic Films.

The plot of the film shows one night from the life of a dominatrix. The action takes place in a hotel room, where the girl interacts with her rich client. The client plans to break their connection in an effort to inherit the fortune of his father, but the attempt turns into a disaster.

Ru-Main, 08.09.2021

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