Russian Concern Presents Wide Range Products at ‘Aero India 2021’

The Almaz-Antey VKO Concern (Air and Space Defence Corporation) will present a wide range of military and civilian products at the ‘Aero India 2021‘ International Aerospace Exhibition. In particular, the S-400 “Triumph” and the “Viking” anti-aircraft missile systems will be presented. The event is taking place in Bangalore, from February 3 to 5, according to the press service of the concern. 

Picture: TV Channel Zvezda Website

The ‘Aero India’ exhibition is India’s largest aerospace event. This year it takes place in Bangalore city from February 3 to 5. Russia presents more than 200 samples of military products at the airshow. A special place in the united exposition of the concern is given to radar equipment. In particular, Radiofizika will present the Sula radar station, which will be placed on a separate podium.

Another area of ​​work of the delegation of the concern is the presentation of the holding’s capabilities for the modernization and repair of air defence systems. Experts will talk about the advantages of maintenance and refurbishment of air defence systems in the field of deployment and about checking and repairing measuring instruments for air defence equipment using the Redikom repair and diagnostic complex, a model of which will also be presented at the exposition.

Ru-Main, 05.02.2021 

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