Russian Consumers Union Announced Food Ration Cards Receivers

The Consumers Union of Russia proposed to issue social food ration cards to citizens who are entitled to housing subsidies. This applies to people whose share of payments for housing and communal services in their family income is 22 per cent or more, Izvestia reports. 

It is noted that citizens belonging to the category mentioned above have already been recognized by the Russian state as needy. It is clarified that in 2019, subsidies for housing and communal services in the country were paid to 3 million families, which is 5.3 per cent of all families in the country.

The Union suggested spending an average of 3,000 rubles for a family every month and allowing money to be spent only on domestically produced food. It is specified that the project will cost about 9 billion rubles a month or 81 billion rubles by the end of the year, if payments are launched already from April 1, 2021.

Ru-Main, 26.02.2021 

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