Russian Cosmonaut Told About Tourist Trips Into Space

The Hero of Russia, cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov, told that a space tourist will be able to admire the views of the Earth, take pictures and conduct experiments in space, RIA News reports. 

The RSC Energia announced the signing of a contract with the Space Adventures company for the flight of 2 tourists on the Soyuz spaceship to the ISS in 2023. It is planned that one of the tourists will make the first-ever spacewalk from the station together with the Russian cosmonaut. It is specified that the total duration of space travel for a tourist can be 3-5 hours. It is noted that a tourist will not be able to fly far from the station, since now the astronauts are fastened to the station’s handrails with two carbines.

Ru-Main, 28.06.2020

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