Russian Cyber Protection Specialists Created Anti-Drone System

Specialists of the Kaspersky Lab, a Russian well-known manufacturer of computer protection programmes, have created the “Kaspersky Antidrone” system for detecting and combating drones, as was announced by the system developer, Vladimir Turov, at the ‘Interpolitech-2021’ International Exhibition.  

Picture: Kaspersky Official Website

“The system includes radar detection, radio frequency detection and visual identification using a neural network. It is also possible to install neutralization modules to suppress drones,” the developer noted.

According to him, active sales of the serial product have begun in 2021, with most of the orders coming from airports, stadiums, and organizers of mass events. To date, the development has no analogues in Russia. The system allows detecting a UAV at a distance of up to 4,000 metres, determining its model, and localizing the pilot’s location. In addition, the system can work proactively and start detection from the moment a drone is turned on.

As specified, the ecosystem of the Kaspersky Anti-drone complex consists of software, hardware modules, and a user interface. Depending on the type of object and threat model, the Kaspersky Anti-drone complex is equipped with a lidar, radar, thermal imager, cameras, and microphones. Instant incident response and safe neutralization are carried out in an intuitive interface.

It should be reminded that Kaspersky Lab is an international company that has been working in the field of information security and digital privacy since 1997. The results of the company’s work include advanced products for protecting devices, as well as services to combat cyber threats.

Ru-Main, 21.10.2021
Source: TASS

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