Russian Cynologists Gave Advice on Travelling With Dogs

Russian Cynologists gave useful recommendations for people who are going to travel with their dogs. Dog handlers said that for a comfortable trip with a pet you need to prepare in advance, train your dog to be in a transport container, collect all the necessary documents, and study the rules for transporting pets, RIA News reported. 

It is noted that in order to travel with a dog across Russia, it is necessary to have a veterinary passport, in which all vaccinations of an animal are indicated. If a dog takes part in exhibition events, its owner also needs to issue a veterinary certificate. It is specified that moving in the Kaliningrad region by train or car, you will need a European help desk, which can be issued at the Rosselkhoznadzor representative office before a trip.

To travel with a dog abroad, a person should contact the animal disease control station, where pets will be prepared for a trip. The employees will do the necessary treatments, vaccinate and chip animals, and mark the international veterinary passport. For comfortable travelling with a dog, it is recommended to take a collar, leash, and muzzle. Just before a trip, a dog should be walked, but not fed. For a long trip, it is advised to take dry food and water that a dog usually drinks at home.

Ru-Main, 08.07.2020

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