Russian Defence Ministry to Receive New Armoured Vehicles

In July 2021, the Russian troops will receive the first batch of the latest armoured escort vehicles ‘Naparnik’, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the head of the military representative office Vladimir Kuimov. 

According to the chief designer of Russia’s largest specialized plant for the manufacture of automotive and armoured vehicles “Remdizel”, Igor Zarakhovich, the ‘Naparnik’ vehicle was created on the basis of the ‘Typhoon-VDV’ armoured vehicle and is a more modern and protected means of convoy escort.

Also “Remdizel” prepared a new armoured mining vehicle ‘Kleshch’ for state tests.

“Now a mobile minefield planner created as part of the ‘Kleshch’ development work has been prepared for state testing,” Zarakhovich said.

It is noted that “Remdizel” produces equipment for use in the Armed Forces, mainly armoured vehicles of the ‘Typhoon’ line of different classes and different wheel formulas. The volume of the state defence order at the enterprise is 93 per cent. On average, the plant produces about 300 armoured vehicles per year.

Ru-Main, 18.06.2021

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