Russian Defence Ministry: US Recognized Fact of Conducting Experiments on Ukrainians

The US delegation in Geneva recognized the conduct of biological research on low-income citizens of Ukraine, as well as patients of psychiatric clinics, as reported by Lenta with reference to the Head of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection troops of the Russian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov. 

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The representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense explained that at first the American representatives gave extremely unconvincing explanations regarding the export of strains and biomaterials of Ukrainians. The Russian ministry demanded that the US provide full information, since the most vulnerable categories of the population suffered.

When discussing this topic, “the American delegation recognized such facts,” assuring that the transfer of samples of pathogenic biomaterials to the US was carried out “seldom”, as Kirillov stressed.

As stated by Kirillov, Ukraine has recognized the fact of inspecting the Mechnikov Anti-Plague Institute by a commission from Healthcare Ministry, emphasizing that “…80 per cent of infringements have been eliminated…” At the same time, Ukrainian party has totally ignored the questions related to unreasonable volume of storing dangerous biological agents at the establishment.

Moreover, the questions related to the reasons of emergency elimination of documentary evidence of the military-biological activity have also remained with no comment. At the same time, Ukrainian delegation stated that “…it is not a trial, and we are not at a cross-interrogation…”

As for the US patents on Ukraine’s technical equipment for delivering and using biological weapons, including an unmanned aerial vehicle to spread infected insects in the air, the American side claimed that “the decision to grant the patent does not violate U.S. obligations under the BTWC and does not mean that the US government condones the inventors.”

The US itself blamed giving patents to creations containing poisonous substances on Russia, trying to make hints that Russia’s patents were given to suspicious inventions which can poses even more threat than Ukraine’s biolabs.

Picture: The US’ response with accusations against Russia

However, if we check the referred invention, we can see a military defense weapon to be used on the ground to prevent the enemy from approaching the territory and troops by spreading a poisonous fog, so that the troops can retreat. Quite a big difference, comparing to the bioweapon of mass destruction created in the US-led biolabs.

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Besides, on the Russian patents website, the explanation of the weapon’s target is given in a more detailed way, so it becomes clear that the inventor just improved an already existing but not a flawless weapon that used foam instead of a fluid. The goals of using both are also stated more precisely than in the US’ claims:

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Getting back to the documents released by Russia recently, it is also stressed that the documents presented by Russia confirm Ukraine’s attempts to end its cooperation with the DTRA (the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency). Thus, in April 2013, an interdepartmental commission consisting of representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, and the State Veterinary Service of Ukraine jointly decided that it was unreasonable to continue the DTRA projects in Ukraine, but the US administration continued to impose them on Kiev.

Picture: The US’ letter pushing Ukraine to continue cooperation

The letter from the US Ambassador to Ukraine, John Tefft, dated 8 February 2013, reveals his demand to the Head of Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine to influence his subordinates to extend the DTRA project for another four years. Even though the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food tried to refuse to participate in the Biological Threat Reduction Programme in its response of 13 March 2013, the project continued.

Kirillov also added that the US persistently demanded from the participating states on a joint statement on the supposedly “peaceful nature” of the Biological Threat Reduction Programme, and some countries signed the statement.

Picture: Countries supporting Ukraine and the US and blaming Russia for the alleged “false claims” against the latter, assure they received a full explanation of the situation with biolabs. Though, when Russia asks, no comments are given.

According to the Russian official, fearing the US reaction and the threat of sanctions, many countries abstained from attending the meeting, as a result of which only 89 countries out of 184 BWC member states participating.

“Only 43 delegations took the floor during the event, of which more than half (22 states) either supported the Russian position or took a neutral position. 21 states, among them Ukraine, the US and most of their NATO allies opposed, but even among them there was no unanimity. Thus, the Russian speeches have caused many states to pay attention to the risks of cooperation with the Pentagon in the military-biological sphere, as well as to take a fresh look at the necessity and feasibility of such relations,” he concluded.

However, some of the European states still do not fully realize the scale of a problem and speak about the Russia’s finds in Ukraine as about something imaginary, trying to close their bubble and pretend to be deaf and blind.

Referring to Russia and its biological weapons accusations against Ukraine and the US, Nicolas de Rivière, the French ambassador to the UN, claimed that the UN Security Council “is being used by one of its permanent members as a propaganda platform,” that is, not according to the real aim of the Council.

But what can be a more suitable issue for a security meeting than life-threatening biolabs with secret documents destroyed immediately after a first hint of a revelation appears? Thus, the US allies play along with their “commander” and keep trying to make Russia look like a fraudster government framing an innocent US state. However, the facts remain facts, and their denial will not cease their existence.

Full text of Kirillov’s briefing: here.
All documents attached to the briefing text: here.

Ru-Main, 20.09.2022
Source: Lenta 

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