Russian Developers to Get Access to New VK Video Technologies

The VK Russian social network will allow developers of IT services to use the technologies of the VK Video platform. The social network will provide them with their own opportunities to create videos and broadcasts. This was announced by the technical director of VK, Alexander Tobol, according to the company’s press release.

Picture: VK Video

The social network noted that the developers will use the platform’s infrastructure for storing, processing videos, conducting live broadcasts, as well as the SDK (software development kit) video player and fast media transfer for Web, iOS, and Android applications.

Thanks to VK Video and SDK, developers now have ready-made solutions for working with videos. The technologies of the video platform will ensure the loading and storage of recordings, as well as the organization of live broadcasts with minimal delays.

It is also clarified that VK Video will hold meetings for the first ten teams who applied to help developers and find out the basic needs of the business. In addition, the platform’s specialists will explain the details of how to understand the VK Video infrastructure and how to integrate into it.

“We see demand outside the company as well. We want to lower the entry threshold for creating complex video services, thereby helping, including novice specialists, young startup developers,” Tobol said.

The creators of the services will have at their disposal all the key advantages of the platform: a player for Web, iOS, and Android with the fastest first frame and 4K support, instant video processing, automatic quality selection, fast content delivery and low delays in live broadcasts, as well as the VK Video cloud infrastructure.

Ru-Main, 13.05.2022

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