Russian Doctors Carried Out Operation With Flashlights

Ingushetia doctors performed an operation on a victim of a lightning strike in the light of smartphones flashlights, RIA News reported with reference to the thoracic surgeon Bashir Aushev.  

That night there was a gale-force wind, heavy rain, and a thunderstorm. To the hospital was brought a man who was struck by lightning through the glass, which together with splinters reached his chest. The patient had a multi-fragmented fracture of the ribs, the left lung was torn, the diaphragm on the left burst, and the spleen was hurt from the back.

Together with two assistants, the surgeons Mikail Murgustov and Ibragim Dolakov, Aushev carried out the operation. The power line was cut off and the light went out, but there was no time to wait. That is why the doctors lit the flashlights of their smartphones. They emphasized that they did not consider this act heroic. The operation lasted more than 5 hours and was successful.

Ru-Main, 28.06.2020

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