Russian Dog Handler Named Best Dog Breeds for Children

The President of the Russian Cynological Federation, Vladimir Golubev, told which breeds of dogs are best for families with children, RIA News reports. 

According to the expert, when choosing a dog breed, you need to take into account its temperament, habits, and activity. If a family has a child, it is best to take a friendly but not whimsical dog. A good choice would be the cavalier king Charles spaniel because these dogs have a balanced character, are patient, and will become good companions for games.

The Brussels Griffon is good-natured, obedient, and not aggressive. Among the dog breeds suitable for a child, Golubev also named shetland sheepdog, poodle, welsh corgi pembroke. Older children can be interested in a French bulldog, Labrador, Golden Retriever, or Australian Shepherd.

Ru-Main, 01.06.2020

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