Russian Drivers Surprised Internet Users With Inventiveness [Video]

Two Russian cars driving on top of one another appeared in the video posted by the Russian international multilingual network of information TV channels ‘Russia Today’ (RT) on its Twitter-Page. 

The video shows how the light-coloured VAZ-2104 “Zhiguli”, a Soviet and Russian rear-wheel-drive station wagon, is carrying another LADA car on its roof. The “upper” car apparently suffered in an accident, so on the video, you can see its body crumpled in front. The driver of the “lower” LADA did not abandon his friend in trouble and decided to help by carrying him on his “back”.

In the comments, users joked that in this way the drivers, most likely, saved a tidy sum of money on petrol, and the RT journalists supposed that money could be saved on parking the cars. By the way, the cost of a tow truck in Russia starts at 1,350 rubles, according to

Ru-Main, 07.06.2021 

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