Russian Embassy Calls on USA to Keep an Eye on Own Problems

The Russian embassy in Washington has urged the US State Department to pay attention to the human rights situation at home instead of constantly criticizing Moscow, RT reports, with reference to the embassy’s official Twitter account.  

It is specified that the tweet came right after the US State Department’s Spokesperson, Edward Price, told journalists that the American authorities have been closely monitoring developments concerning the new charges against imprisoned opposition figure Alexey Navalny. The tweet also comes a week after the State Department advised American citizens not to travel to Russia.

The article linked by the embassy’s Twitter account accuses the US of violating human rights both at home and abroad, claiming that it goes against America’s self-declared image as a “global leader” in the protection of freedoms. It states that the Covid-19 pandemic has intensified the already growing internal tensions in the US, pointing at racial discrimination in the country and negative attitude towards Americans of African, Latin, and Asian origin.

“However, this does not prevent the US from positioning themselves as a ‘world standard’ in the protection of fundamental freedoms. Even non-governmental organizations loyal to Washington admit that the state of affairs on human rights is getting worse in the country every year. At the same time, criticism about the real human rights situation in the US continues to be ignored by authorities. Instead, Washington looks for ‘violations’ anywhere but at home,” the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed.

The document also pointed to the continued illegal detention of Julian Assange and the threat of his extradition to the United States on trumped-up espionage charges, as well as attacks on, surveillance of and smear campaigns against other publishers, journalists and media figures.

Ru-Main, 12.08.2021 

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