Russian Employees Believe, Self-Discipline and Ability to Rest Increase Their Performance

According to Russians, self-discipline, a healthy lifestyle and good sleep help to improve performance, which follows from the results of the survey conducted by specialists of a job search service. 

The top 3 habits that contribute to the increase of performance, according to Russians, include self-organization (21 per cent), sports and a healthy lifestyle (15 per cent), as well as a sufficient amount of daily sleep (13 per cent).

In addition, 12 per cent of respondents believe that the habit of bringing things to an end has a positive effect on improving performance, while 11 per cent named hard work, and 8 per cent a responsible approach to work.

Also, 5 per cent of respondents assure that, like nothing else, the habit of a high-income level affects performance, and another 5 per cent called an attentive approach to everything. In turn, the other 4 per cent mentioned the habit of treating everything with optimism to be quite useful.

Besides, 3 per cent of the surveyed are sure that working efficiency is growing for those who are used to not being nervous about trifles, being active, sociable and loves to study.

Ru-Main, 22.11.2021 
Source: SuperJob 

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