Russian Employers Cope Well With Personnel COVID-Protection

One in two Russians is confident that his employer is taking sufficient measures to protect employees from the coronavirus, according to the SuperJob job search service. 

According to 50 per cent of working Russians, their employers are taking sufficient measures to provide employees with protection against COVID-19. Masks, gloves, antiseptics, social distancing markings, protective screens, and even air disinfection devices are currently available in the offices of these respondents.

According to 5 per cent of respondents, the measures taken by their companies are even excessive. In contrast, 16 per cent of respondents claimed that their organizations have not done enough to protect workers from coronavirus, and 15 per cent complained that their employers are not taking any measures to keep them healthy.

It is specified that more often the measures taken are regarded as sufficient by women (53 per cent versus 49 per cent among men), and as excessive by men (7 per cent versus 3 per cent). Those who are satisfied with the measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus are most often young people under 34 (52 per cent), and quite seldom those over 45 (48 per cent). The respondents aged 35 to 44 are more likely to complain about the redundancy of protective measures (7 per cent).

Ru-Main, 29.04.2021 

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