Russian Employers Named Advantages of Hiring Young Employees

Specialists of the job search service conducted a study and found out why employers are ready to hire applicants aged 18-24. According to the survey results, 77 per cent of employers are even ready to train new specialists in the missing skills at the expense of their companies. 

Thus, most employers named the desire to learn and gain experience as the main advantage of young employees (50 per cent). In turn, 45 per cent of the respondents indicated that it is easier to prepare and train young employees for a specific company, and another 43 per cent said that it is young employees (18-24 years old) who are distinguished by their energy and purposefulness.

Also, 29 per cent of companies indicated as advantages of young job seekers flexibility of mind and creativity, the ability to quickly adapt and join the team (25 per cent), the willingness to work for a small pay (24 per cent), the absence of family and children (20 per cent), belief in the best and optimism (18 per cent), as well as loyalty to the first job (17 per cent).

Ru-Main, 09.04.2021 

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