Russian Employers Revealed Personal Questions They’d Like to Ask Applicants

Specialists of the job search service together with the experts from the CV selection and processing automation service SberPodbor conducted a study and found out what inappropriate questions employers would like to ask applicants during a job interview. 

According to the results of the study, 56 per cent of employers surveyed admitted that during an interview with an applicant, they would like to ask the candidate inappropriate questions that do not relate to professional skills.

Among the popular questions were those about the appearance of applicants (48 per cent of respondents), plans for having children and starting a family (43 per cent), as well as a current marital status (35 per cent).

In addition, 16 per cent of employers are interested in the political beliefs of an applicant, 13 per cent would like to know more about the sexual orientation of the candidate, and 8 per cent are interested in his religion and beliefs.

However, it turned out that Russian employers are least interested in the nationality (7 per cent) and zodiac signs (5 per cent) of applicants.

Ru-Main, 25.10.2022

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