Russian Entrepreneurs Named Best Digital Services

Online interaction with government agencies became the most popular digital service that entrepreneurs in Russia use, according to the press service of the Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses. It is specified that almost a third of the survey participants are engaged in trade, 8 per cent are in the construction business, then comes the logistics industry, and the IT industry (6 per cent and 5 per cent, respectively). 

Among the most popular digital services that entrepreneurs want to use is online interaction with government agencies. In this area, respondents especially noted that it is convenient for them to receive information online with explanations about blocking accounts (9.07 points on a ten-point scale), debts to government agencies with the ability to repay them if necessary (9.01 points), and feedback from the control and supervisory authorities on the inspections carried out and the available comments (9.01 points).

For those planning to open a business, the most useful services were: the automatic notification of government agencies about the start of activities (8.71 points), online company registration (8.33 points), and a remote account opening (8.32 points). Of a block related to the optimization of business processes, the most popular services were: obtaining information on changes in legislation (8.66 points), electronic document flow (8.45 points), and online reporting (8.44 points).

In addition, access to online financial support measures ranked 4th, the service for selecting and obtaining soft loans for business was rated at 7.93 points, the service for the selection and receipt of preferential microcredits scored 7.03 points, the ability to select and receive market loans online at 6.97 points. Also, entrepreneurs are equally interested in building an educational path and acceleration (on average, 7 points out of 10).

Ru-Main, 11.04.2021 

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