Russian Expert Gave Tips on Fuel Save

The auto expert, Artem Krasnov, shared the ways to save several thousand roubles a year on car fuel. He noted that with a mileage of 35,000 per year and average fuel consumption in the region of 10 l/100 km, more than 150,000 rubles a year are obtained, so even a small fuel saving makes a good profit, reported. 

According to the expert, fuel consumption is strongly influenced by driving style, for example, jerky driving leads to excessive consumption, while calm driving leads to savings. The electronics keep the speed better, so cruise control can also be a way to save fuel. The flow rate is also influenced by the frequency of accelerations and the speed that you gain. The expert recommends saving fuel with the help of only accelerating to the speed that promises the least amount of braking.

The choice of the speed of movement affects the consumption most of all, and the dependence is almost quadratic. Thus, every extra kilometre per hour increases fuel requirements disproportionately. The specialists said that tire pressure does not significantly affect fuel consumption: a shortage of 0.5 atmospheres increases fuel consumption only by 2%. However, if you drive 10,000 km with such pressure, the overrun will be about 1,000 rubles.

Finally, the idle mode is recognized the worst one. It is specified that the kilometre consumption at this moment is equal to infinity. In fact, the hourly fuel consumption is considered idle. For an average car, it is close to a liter per hour of operation.

Ru-Main, 13.08.2020 

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