Russian Expert Named Products Protecting Against Viruses

A dietitian, Lidia Ionova, in an interview with the newspaper “Evening Moscow” said that there is no such a product that can replace medicines, but some should be used to prevent seasonal diseases, RIA News reports.

According to Lidia, if a disease is in an “advanced” stage, then the benefits of any product should not be expected. However, as a preventive measure, sea kale, onion, garlic, red onions, and ginger are excellent remedies for viral diseases. The doctor emphasised that these products should be without food additives.

Lidia also said that curry and turmeric have an anti-inflammatory effect, as they purify the blood, prevent the formation of toxins and normalize the liver. People were also advised to eat berries, fruits, vegetables, cereals, and nuts. She emphasized that vegetable proteins and fats should regularly enter the body.

Ru-Main, 24.03.2020

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