Russian Experts Analysed Top Names 2020

By the beginning of 2020, the names Miron, Anton, Kira, Olga, Yulia, and Victor rose noticeably in the ranking of the most popular Russian names, while Amalia and Igor lost their positions. The name Alexander still holds the top place among all the male names for 30 years, and the leader of female names remains Sofia. In 2020, Russian experts predict Eva (Eve), Kira, Mark, and Lev (Leo) to be trend names in the country, the portal of names meanings reported.   

It is noted that the preference is often given to names specific to a particular community or locality. For example, the Orthodox rely on the church calendar, giving preference to the names of Ivan, Daniil, Iliya, Sofia, Maria, Anna, and Elizaveta (Elizabeth). The Old Slavonic names are also quite popular, for example, Miroslava, Darina, and Milana (among girls), and Platon (Plato), Makar, and Miron (among boys). In those families where traditions are still strong, the first boy is named after his grandfather by his father, and a girl is named after her grandmother by her mother, so the most frequent names are Seraphima, Platon, Gerasim, Potap, Pelageya, Yakov (Jacob), Tikhon, Tamara, and Lydia.

The experts noted that the accelerating pace of life affects the names as well, so shorter names are rising higher in the ratings. That is why Yana (instead of Yanina), Nika (instead of Nicole), Mia (instead of Maria), Eva (instead of Evangelina), Kira (instead of Kiria), and Yulia (instead of Yulianna) appeared more often in Russia.

The experts also noted the growing trend of attention to foreign names, especially English, German, and Kazakh ones. According to the data provided by the portal, there are 68.8% of Russian names, 50.4% Slavic, 13.5% Tatar, 10.6% German, 11.9% English, and 7.6% Kazakh ones in the country. Special attention is also paid to the Muslim names used by non-Muslims (Amina, Maryam, and Yasmina among women, and Amir among men). Among foreign names, Mateo, Adam, Nicholas, Owen, Oliver, Daniel, Benjamin, William, Liam, Noah, Logan, Joseph, Jesus, Mason, Dylan, Samuel, Angelina, Adeline, Ariana, Amelia, Eveline, Emma, ​​Victoria, Alice, Carolina, Elina, and Olivia are popular.

Ru-Main, 13.07.2020

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