Russian Experts Calculated New Year’s Dinner Index

Specialists of the SberMarket federal food delivery service and the job search service compiled a rating of the salaries of Russians in comparison with the usual list of purchases for the New Year’s dinner. It turned out that the easiest way to set the table have Yekaterinburg bricklayers, while the most expensive this dinner will be for Novosibirsk packers. 

The experts have determined the average cost of a New Year’s dinner in 2021 and compared it with the average maximum salaries in different regions of Russia. For statistics, the services analyzed the average prices for products in more than 140 cities of the country and the average maximum salary offers for popular vacancies published on the job search service.

According to SberMarket, Russians will have to spend 5,729 rubles (excluding alcohol) to prepare traditional New Year’s dishes. This will be the most affordable for drivers (average salary of up to 90,107 rubles), machinists (up to 93,180 rubles), and doctors (up to 86,440 rubles). The most difficult this will be for the cleaners (up to 33,604 rubles), administrators (up to 34,874 rubles), and bakers (up to 37,791 rubles).

It is specified that Moscow drivers will pay only 5% of their salary for the ingredients for the New Year’s table (the average salary is up to 105,012 rubles). The most expensive festive dinner will have Novosibirsk packers whose average salary is up to 24,500 rubles, so they will have to pay almost a quarter of their salary for the New Year’s dishes.

Ru-Main, 21.12.2020 

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