Russian Experts Compared Men’s and Women’s Rights

The experts of the Russian Public Opinion Fund conducted a survey among the residents of the country and found out that half of the surveyed (50%) are sure that life is harder for women, as they have so many duties (cooking, buying food, housekeeping, taking care of children and much more), while 15% of respondents think that men live a tougher life, as a man is the head of a family, so he has more worries connected to the financial part of living. 

According to the Russian Constitution, women and men have equal rights, and the survey also revealed this statement is true in real life (62% of respondents), although 19% of respondents believe that men have more rights, and 12% answered that women live easier lives.

Specialists also stated that almost half (45%) of the respondents believe that Russian women have approximately the same opportunities to fulfil their rights with women in European countries. It is specified that in Russia, there is a government-approved list of jobs in which it is prohibited to use the labour of women and the majority of respondents agree with this (62% versus 27% of those who disagree).

Also, 83% of Russians who participated in the study claim that they have never been discriminated at work on the basis of their gender. Moreover, 85% of the Russian population did not face discrimination on the basis of gender, not only at work but also in their everyday life (85%).

Among those who were discriminated, the majority were women (17%), in the situation of driving a car, housekeeping or showing their abilities. Among the disadvantaged (24%), the majority (19%) rarely find themselves in an unequal position today (versus 2% who often experience discrimination).

Ru-Main, 23.12.2020 

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