Russian Experts Compiled List of Cities With Dog Friendly Restaurants

The experts of the 2GIS Russian digital maps company published the information about restaurants and cafes available for clients with dogs. Today, the service directory includes information about more than 1,600 such establishments in Russia.

Picture: Entertainment Guide Website

“Users often contacted 2GIS with a request to mark the establishments where they are glad to see visitors with dogs. Experts have begun collecting information about such cafes and restaurants and will constantly add new companies to the directory,” the Head of the 2GIS contact centre, Nadezhda Voronova, said.

So, most of the dog-friendly establishments appeared to be in Moscow (274), St. Petersburg (231), Novosibirsk (108), Yekaterinburg (71). and Kazan (38). It is noted that new establishments will continue to be added to the maps service. All establishments operate in the format of cafes, pastry shops, coffee shops, pizzerias, restaurants, bars, and sushi bars. Also, dog-friendly marks have appeared in some fast food places.

Ru-Main, 29.03.2021 

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