Russian Experts Counted Commercial Vehicles Purchased in 2020

As part of the preparation of the next release of the marketing report “Commercial Vehicle Market in Russia. Results of 2020, Trends and Prospects”, the experts of the AUTOSTAT analytical agency established how much of such equipment was purchased in Russia per year.  

Thus, according to the agency, last year the volume of the Russian market of commercial transport reached 192.4 thousand units, which is 7 per cent less than in 2019. More than half (54 per cent) of this number are light commercial vehicles (LCV), which corresponds to 104.4 thousand cars. Large-capacity trucks own almost 30 per cent of the market or 57.1 thousand cars. Less than 10 per cent is the share of medium-duty vehicles, which is equivalent to 17.7 thousand cars. Also, more than 6 per cent of the commuter transport market falls on buses (13.2 thousand cars).

Ru-Main, 24.02.2021 

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