Russian Experts Explained How to Store Food in Fridge

It is noted that it’s better to store food in packages or in containers with closed lids, or wrapped in foil. Experts of Roskachestvo noted that bacteria will not spread throughout the refrigerator then.

Smelling products must be stored on separate shelves. It is noted that the smell is absorbed faster by butter, cheese and eggs. It is not recommended to place perishable food on the refrigerator door. The temperature is slightly higher on it, which means that it is better to put the cottage cheese, curd masses and chilled meat deeper. Open canned food should be transferred to a separate dish in order to protect food from a metallic taste. And eggs should be stored in unopened packaging and washed before use. If there are cracks on them, then they must be used immediately.

Ru-Main, 21.04.2020

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